South East Tasmania

Storm Bay has been identified by both industry and the government as an area which can accommodate the sustainable and responsible growth of aquaculture.

Why Storm Bay?

Petuna’s own research supports that the deep water (40+ metres) off-shore region provides farming conditions that will enable fish welfare to be optimised in a best-practice farming environment.

Through extensive research and data analysis, Petuna has identified the best location within Storm Bay for marine farming development.

This research includes a methodical assessment by IMAS on the optimal sites within Storm Bay, using detailed spatial data analysis of sea bed composition, environmentally sensitive formations and existing leases, among other considerations.

The development proposal provides substantial geographic distance from sensitive land-based sites, ensuring negligible visual and noise impacts.

On present indications, the most likely location is situated 11.5 kilometres from the shore, making it the most remote off-shore marine farm in Tasmania.

The proposed site is in the north-central area of the Bay, south of Betsey Island, making it the most remote off-shore marine farm in Tasmania. The proposed farming Zone covers 430 hectares including 274 hectares of Lease. Public access will only be restricted to lease area itself.

What are the benefits to the local community?

Petuna’s expansion into southern Tasmania will deliver a multi-million-dollar investment program, creating significant new employment opportunities and providing economic stimulus, especially for the local Kingborough community.

The development will be a stand-alone operation, providing direct employment of 37 new FTE positions in addition to jobs created during the infrastructure commissioning and development phases. It is expected to generate 130 indirect roles within the local community and aquaculture service industry.

The company’s proposed shore base at Electrona will be the gateway between the marine farm and Petuna’s wider operations. This will deliver welcome economic benefits to the rapidly growing Kingborough region.