Peter and Una Rockliff haul in top prize at National Seafood Awards


The founders and owners of Petuna, Peter and Una Rockliff, have taken out the highest honour, the Industry Ambassador Award, at the National Seafood Awards announced in Sydney on Thursday night.

The Ambassador Award is presented to someone who has made a substantial and sustained positive difference, displayed leadership and innovation, and is highly respected by their peers.

“Peter and Una Rockliff certainly met all selection criteria, and both were actually worthy of winning the Award in their own right” said Mr Julian Harrington, Chief Executive of the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council.

“But we all know they were a team right from the very start. They are Peter and Una, or Petuna.”

The evening was topped off with Peter and Una also being inducted into the Australian Seafood Industry Hall of Fame.

“One of the real highlights of spending many years working closely with the seafood industry, as a Senator for Tasmania and in the fisheries portfolio has been the opportunity to get to know and work directly with Peter and Una Rockliff” said former Tasmanian Senator Richard Colebeck.

“Una’s drive, passion and contribution to the industry and their family business is of legend and independently deserving of recognition”

“Peter has become a highly valued source of reliable, practical and trusted advice on matters spanning the industry from fishing methods and management, to sustainability and marine protection” said Mr Colebeck.

“Together they form a significant and influencing force and have built a dynamic business that operates on the leading edge of best practice in both the wild catch and aquaculture”.

Tasmania was successful in several other Award categories.

“Tasmania well and truly punched above its weight, taking out four Awards and an inductee into the Hall of Fame” said Mr Harrington”.

The winner of the Research, Development and Extension Award was Spring Bay Seafoods, for their research into rapid testing of biotoxins in shellfish.

And in a huge coup for Tasmanian consumers, Freycinet Marine Farm took out the coveted Seafood Restaurant Award, making them the best seafood restaurant in the Nation.

Not to be outdone, Tasmanian Gourmet Seafoods took out the Peoples Choice Fish and Chips Award.