Marine farming expansion


Petuna welcomes Ministers announcement of marine farming expansion in Macquarie Harbour

Petuna continues to lead the way in responsible marine farming in Macquarie Harbour.

Petuna today welcomed the announcement by the Hon. Bryan Green (MHR) Minister for Primary Industries and Water to the expansion of marine farming lease areas in Macquarie Harbour.

Petuna has taken the lead in researching and initiating this expansion. Over the last four years the industry have spent in excess of $500,000 on developing world leading environmental modelling and monitoring programs for its Macquarie Harbour marine farming operations to ensure current and future development in the Harbour was sustainable.

This modelling program development initiated by Petuna provided the catalyst for the three largest industry players to work together in commissioning the first Joint Environmental Impact Assessment and Development Application in the Industry, including analysis surrounding the Social Return on Investment for the development. As part of this process Petuna shared its environmental management developments with the other two major industry operators and government with the aim of ensuring that any Harbour development was managed in an integrated fashion and conducted in a sustainable fashion.

Petuna having worked with the local community and operated successfully in the Harbour for in excess of 2 decades worked with industry to ensure community values and concerns were considered as part of the process, allowing for the relocation of 3 existing lease sites away from highly valued community recreational fishing areas and taking onboard suggestions by the local tourism community.

“We have always seen ourselves as leaders within our industry when it comes to setting the benchmark for sustainable practice. “ Chairman Peter Rockcliff said today in response to the announcement. “Our industry currently has sales worth in excess of $400 million at the wholesale level and this expansion will assist the whole industry in meeting forecast sales demand of $500 million by 2015 and $1billion by 2030” Mr. Rockcliff said.

Today’s announcement underpins the investment Petuna has made in facilities as part of our overall expansion in Tasmania, with the $8 million expansion to our Devonport processing facility announced in January. This will lead to further investment and further employment opportunities for regional communities in Tasmania. Specifically, it will enable further increases in employment opportunities on the West Coast both directly through aquaculture operators who farm in the area and indirectly through those businesses which service the aquaculture industry on the West Coast.

“As pioneers of the fishing industry in Tasmania since 1950 and diversifying into salmonoid aquaculture since 1991, Petuna has again demonstrated their leadership and confidence in the Tasmanian Salmonoid Industry. Most importantly, this expansion is also a strong demonstration of our leadership and commitment to the long term sustainability of our salmonoid aquaculture industry through responsible practices.” Mr. Rockliff said.